How to Grade for Learning, K-12

How to Grade for Learning

How to Grade for Learning, K-12, is by Ken O’Connor, longtime TTOG member and assessment consultant. Get your copy here.

About the book

This third edition of the best-selling How to Grade for Learning demonstrates how to improve grading practices by linking grades with standards and establishing policies that better reflect student achievement. Ken O’Connor updates his eight guidelines for good grading, explains the purpose and key elements of each guideline, and offers recommendations for practical applications. The book examines a number of additional grading issues, including grade point average calculation and the use of computer grading programs. This thoroughly revised edition includes:

  • A greater emphasis on standards-based grading practices
  • Updated research and additions to the sections on feedback and homework
  • New sections on academic dishonesty, extra credit, and bonus points
  • Additional information on utilizing level scores rather than percentages
  • Reflective exercises
  • Techniques for managing grading time more efficiently

An invaluable tool to help individual teachers assign grades that are accurate, meaningful, and supportive of learning, this book also makes an ideal staff development resource.

Praise for How to Grade for Learning

“Once again, Ken O’Connor has addressed one of the most emotional issues in education: grading. This book not only makes a compelling case for reformed grading practices, but also provides practical advice for the classroom teacher, school and system administrator, and policy maker at every level.”
—Douglas Reeves, Chairman
The Leadership and Learning Center

“I would recommend O’Connor’s approach to all teachers who believe that grades should clearly communicate actual student learning. For educators who want to make grades more meaningful and useful to students, parents, and teachers, this is the book to read.”
—Forrest Clark, Math Teacher
Nisqually Middle School, Lacey, WA

Get your copy here.


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